Corporate principles

Our vision

Our essential principle is the appropriate procedure with the requirements of our interested partners:

  • It is our duty to ensure a carefully quality control,
  • it is our guarantee to ensure consistently quality,
  • it is our liability to protect human health and to note relevant environmental aspects,
  • it is our future to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our mission

  • Use of the state-of-the-art technologies for ongoing quality assurance and production and
  • Production of high quality and healthy goods both at national and international level.

Our quality policy

Satisfied customers are our future. We ensure customer satisfaction with our high-quality products and our outstanding services. Quality thus is a decisive factor of the successful continuation and the successful further development of our company. For us, quality means in concrete terms:

  • To manufacture products that enable our customers to fulfill their orders optimal.
  • To be a technically and socially competent partner to our customers.
  • To improve the competence of our team through training and instruction.
  • To promote the personal responsibility of our employees.
  • Delivering to schedule.
  • To support a cooperative and decent together.
  • To improve further the motivation of the employees and their identifiying with the products they produce. 
  • To cooperate with our suppliers to our mutual success for our costumers. 
  • To introduce and to develope transparent and efficient procedures, that are including active partnerships from all involved persons and to prevent errors in the beginning.
  • To observate and compliance with all the relevant requirements of all interested partners in the framework of the whole business.
  • To observate and compliance with all all environmental requirements in the whole framework of our business practice.
  • To observate and compliance with all industrial safety requirements in the whole framework of our business practice.


Corporate principles
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