AS Prototyping is active in machining of moulds, prototyping and in the complete range of production engineering.

Machining of moulds

AS Prototyping offers in the field of tool paths and tool shapes high-flexibel turning and milling machining services to the customers.


According to customer requirements AS Prototyping is able to produce prototypes of different design (formers, forged metal parts, raw parts, sample parts, modules ...) and out of different materials (steel, niro, aluminium, plastic, special materials). With competent advice with the prototype process planning we are ready to support our customers.

Production engineering

AS Prototyping offers individual parts, small and large series production in the field of machining to the customers. Using latest technology supports optimal quality and efficiency in the production. High motivation and dedication in our team are the best prerequisites for high quality work und satisfied customers at the AS Prototyping.